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How to get rid of possums? A question which you are thinking about right now and searched about it. Let us know the answer, the answer is on your screen. We are here to help you to get rid of possums. The Possum Piper have the experience of relocating the 3000 possums for the people who are exhausted with them and thinking “how to get rid of under my house”. 

You can contact us anytime if you are still struggling with the question of how to get rid of possums. We are experts at controlling the rats and making sure that people don’t face lots of issues due to the rats at their houses. As the best Possum Removal company in sydney and surrounding suburbs you will find our process is very professional and smooth to go for the people who are facing lots of issues and want to know how to get rid of under my house.

The best thing when you choose Possum Piper as the answer to the question of how to get rid of possums, then this decision will match your needs and give you the relief from possums in your houses. We relocate the possums and make sure that after our servicing your house becomes from the rats and you can stay at your home without any question of how to get rid of possums. We use the eco-friendly process to free your houses from the rats and make sure that your house gets rid of possums as soon as we start the processing of the possums removal.

Professional Possums Removal Service Providers 

If you are looking for the professionals then you are in a place where you will find the possums removal experts with the experience of a safe working process of the removals. You can hire us by contacting us anytime and by talking with our experts you will get the answer of how to get rid of possums and how to get rid of under my house. We are having years of experience as a team of rat removal professionals, so if you are still worried about the damage which possums can do to your property then not to worry we are here to serve the best solutions. 

When it comes to possum trapping and getting houses rid of the possums then our name comes first in the town for serving the best solutions. You can trust on our services and can assign us for the possums removal services as we are expanding our services to reach all areas of the sydney and near suburbs where people are facing the issues. 

Let us Find out more about possums

Possums are marsupials who are active at night and now well adapted in urban environments. They are afraid of humans and never make any danger for the humans but they can damage the property. In Australia there are 23 different species of possums and they are a very beautiful part of the fauna. The brushtail possums are the very common species there who are also the second largest species of the possums in the world. 

Now if you want to know why possums are settling down at your house roof voids, building corners and messing us the garbage at night, then the reason is growth of the urban areas. Possums are living in the trees but as the urban areas are growing the possums are captivating in these areas and which is the major reason that the people need the professionals to resolve the how to get rid of possums in their houses. 

Why are possums creating trouble for the human living? Is the big question. The reason is possums can feed your vegetable, fresh fruits and the plants in or out our houses in your garden area as well, which can be harmful for your livings. Also the Male brushtail possums create the loud,  rough-sounding calls which can be very irritating and disturbing at your place. They give the strong smell in your rooms and entire house which anxiety for some. If you have dogs at your home then they feel very uncomfortable and bark continues if there are rats at your house which can be so stressful for the people who are living there. Possums also affect the structure of your house, if there are some holes at your roof then possums go there and trap themselves there and can damage your property.

Do you need professionals for the issue of “how to get rid of possums”?

The answer is yes, the Possums Piper is the right choice for this which can answer your question “how to get rid of under my house”. As possums are the protected species of Australia, you cannot kill then there are many very precise rules governing what you can and cannot do to them and this is the reason hiring the professionals is the best option for you. If someone kills the possums then they must have to pay the heavy fine to the government as well so making sure about this, hiring possum piper experts will help get rid of possums. 

The Australian government outlined possum moving and trapping regulations which were followed by the professionals and they catch the possums and live then on their natural habitats and make sure they are safe at that place. 

The Preventions you can take to keep your stuff away from the possums

Use Natural Spray-

There are some natural sprays available in the marketplace which you can spray on your food and vegetable to keep the possums aways from the stuff. 

Keep your pet food bowl cleans-

If you have any pet at your house then keep their food bowls cleans and also make sure about the place that it will be cleansed because the dirt can invite possums to your place. Through the uneaten food of your pets at the dustbin and make sure it will not in the open place. 

Cover Hole- 

If you have holes at your roof and house corners then keep those holes covered and repair them on time to make sure that the possums are not able to enter from these holes inside your house. 

Process We follow to get rid from the possums from your house

Possums Piper is able to follow all the regulations and promise you to do the things which are required for your house to get rid of the possums. First to make sure we inspect your house deeply and find out the way from where the possums are entering in your house and then seal all the possible ways from where they can enter at your place to ensure no more possums can enter at your place. 

Then we use the traps to catch the possums, we use the stress free traps to ensure that the possums stay calm and we can catch them easily from your house. After all the removal of the possums from your house we relocate them to their safe natural habitat according to the location. 

Possums & Rat Removal Service

If you are getting rid of the rats at your place and want to hire experts to make sure your issue of how to get rid of possums then contact us right now!

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