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How can you tell the difference between possums & rats ?

Possums are usually nocturnal and are therefore active at night whereas rats can be active at any time of the day. Without a proper inspection into a roof cavity, it is very hard to tell by just the noises.

How can possums & rats access a roof ?

Possums only need a gap the size of a golf ball to squeeze through whereas rats can get through much smaller gaps. Possums can therefore be blocked out of a roof by professional proofing whereas rats can only be treated by baiting.

How far can I take a possum away from my property ?

Possum are protected under Federal Law and in NSW can only be relocated no more than 150m from where you find it. They are very territorial and will fight other possums for territory.

Can possums or rats create damage in a roof ?

Rats can cause damage in the roof by eating through electrical wires
Possums do not chew wires and the only damage they can cause over time is damage to the ceiling lining from constant urination.

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How long does it take for the issue to be resolved ?

As possums are protected and cannot be touched, they need to leave the roof of their own accord. They may not leave the roof every night either as it can depend on the last time that they ate. It can take up to 4 days for the possums to leave the roof.
Rats and mice don’t approach new things straight away. After bait has been laid it generally takes up to 10 days to take affect.

If a rat or possum dies in the roof, how long can the odour linger for ?

Depending on the time of year determines whether an odour is prevalent or not. For example In the winter, the roof doesn’t heat up as much as it would in the summer.
If a possum has died in the roof, the odour can be present for at least 2-3 weeks whereas a rat can linger for up to 1-2 weeks.

Can possums enter the roof space via open sub-floor areas ?

As possums cannot be relocated off a property, they will try and find another way to access the roof. This can be via an open sub floor and wall cavities. Rats can also access the roof via this method as well. For a subfloor to be secured properly, a strong, snake proof type mesh needs to be put around the perimeter of the house and dug into the ground at least 200mm.

How do possums & rats gain access onto the roof ?

Via overhanging trees and vines. Possums can jump 3m. Possums & rats can also use downpipes & electricity and telephone cables that lead from the street to the house.

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