• NOTE. If your issue is possums eating your plants, annoying your pets or poo around the house please do not call us as we CANNOT relocated them more than 150m from property no matter what the circumstances are.


    Possum Piper is a professional possum proofing & removal company, with 40 years of extensive knowledge, serving Sydney, Central Coast, and Brisbane. We prioritize exceptional customer service and use eco-friendly techniques.

    Our skilled technicians offer an end-to-end solution for swift, cost-effective service including dedicated customer support for peace of mind.


    As licensed professionals approved by The Office of Environment & Heritage, we prioritize the use of safe and humane methods for possum removal. Our aim is to ensure evicted possums find a new and safe habitat where they can survive and thrive. According to NSW and Federal Law, possums can only be relocated within 150m from the property.


    We work collaboratively with homeowners, business owners,
    property managers, and landlords to safely remove possums from buildings and prevent their return. Our expert Technicians assess each situation individually and tailor a suitable solution for you.


    During our visit, we conduct a comprehensive inspection to
    identify entry points and potential future vulnerabilities. We thoroughly check the roof, perimeter, and ceiling cavity. Afterward, we present our findings and recommendations on the possum proofing that is required, and if feasible, we proceed with the required work on the same day. In more complex cases or when custom materials are needed, we may schedule a follow-up visit.


    Our transparent approach ensures that all costs and details are clearly communicated before you agree to proceed. We implement a series of effective strategies, including possum proofing entry points, installing temporary one-way doors for possums to exit, and then removing those doors once the possums have left. Additionally, we provide professional tips and advice to prevent future problems. Throughout the process, we offer continuous support until a resolution has been achieved.


    In addition to our possum removal service, we also offer:


    Contact Us today to discuss the cost and process for possum proofing & removing possums from your property.

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