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Areas We Service

Are you tired of asking, “Where is the Closest Possum Removal Near Me?”

Possum Piper services the whole of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. All staff have access to real-time booking systems to track appointments and keep waiting times to an absolute minimum.

Our possum and rodent removalists are available Monday to Saturday (8am – 6pm) for all appointments in Sydney.

Want to enquire about servicing a particular suburb? Get free advice from a possum removalist or rat exterminator.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Possum Removal Near Me Check Mark

Possum Piper employ safe and humane methods to remove possums. All possums are safely collected and relocated to nearby habitats for them to thrive.

For exterminating rats near you, our odourless rodent control ensures your family and workers are safe from harm.

If you’ve discovered dead possums, we can remove them from the premise.

Possum Removal and Rat Extermination

Possum Piper provide a broad range of services to resolve any issue with possums and rodents.

We work together with clients who want to protect their homes, businesses and industrial premises. Our comprehensive possum and rodent control will keep you compliant and safe from the threat of disease.

Possum removal and rodent extermination is a simple process

20 Point Possum and Rat Inspection Report Check Mark Complete a comprehensive 20 point possum and rat inspection report

Tell you what needs to be done, why and how much it’ll cost

Perform safe and humane removal of possums

Implement a strategy to eradicate rodents from the premise

Carry out major and minor building or roof repairs

Install gutter and valley guards

Whether you have possums in the roof, or rodents wreaking havoc in your property – we have the resources to stop your infestation.

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