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Possum Removal - Belrose

Possum Piper is committed to keeping your property safe from possum-related damage and bringing you total peace of mind all year round. Our eco-friendly possum removal service in Belrose will ensure the animal is safely relocated from the premise and kept out of harm’s way. We also provide effective solutions for other animals like rats and mice.

From quote to completion you can expect a fast turnaround and minimal fuss to your day.

Possum Piper will inspect your property and find the most likely entry points being used by the animal.

Possum Removal Warriewood

By sealing the gaps with heavy-duty mesh &/or galvanised tin this will keep the possums at bay.

If the building needs minor roof repairs, the team will be happy to quote on minor repairs, replace roof tiles and perform other refurbishing tasks.

Removal of dead possums

Removal of possums found in chimneys

Seal possum entry points to keep the premise safe

Safe and eco-friendly methods

Fully licensed and insured

Rat Removal

Rat and Possum Removal Warriewood

Of course, possums aren’t the only creatures that can give you a headache.

Rodents can be a serious issue by causing major damage. If left unchecked, rodent infestations can leave you with a hefty repair bill and reduce the value of your property.

Possum Piper can treat your home or business in Belrose with an effective rat removal plan to remove any kind of rodent.

Every avenue is explored to get the best results – from placement of bait boxes and the possibility of sealing entry points.

By using friendly methods you can breathe easy knowing your family, pets, staff and customers are safe.

Real Estate Agent and Strata Services

Want to swiftly deal with tenant complaints and safeguard the value of your property investment? Let the Possum Piper handle your possum or rodent related issue and keep your tenants happy.

Our fully licensed technicians can work directly with tenants to give them total assurance and peace of mind. We’re happy to work around your schedule and keep disruption to a minimum throughout the process.

From property inspections and treatments to property reports, everything you need keep your investment safe is here.

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What We Do

Find Possum and Removal

We remove possums
trapped in your roof

Find Possum

We Find & remove DEAD
possums and rats


We Remove possums

Seal Possum

We repair possum holes in
your roof & also remove the possums

Find Possum and Removal

We Eradicate RATS from
your property

Find Possum and Removal

Remove rats
trapped in your roof

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Home Services


Housing complexes

Industrial units

Hospitals Possurm Removal Services


Government Possurm Removal Services


Restaurants Possurm Removal Services


Commercial Buildings Possurm Removal Services

Commercial buildings

Schools Possurm Removal Services


Churches Possurm Removal Services


Halls Possurm Removal Services


Strata Complexes Possurm Removal Services

Strata complexes

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