Do you need to remove a possum or rat?

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possum & rat removal service in Dee Why

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what we do:

we remove possums trapped in your roof

we find & remove dead possums

we remove possums in chimneys

we repair possum holes in your roof & also remove the possum/s

we eradicate rats from your property

what we service:

  • Homes
  • Housing complexes
  • Industrial units
  • Commercial buildings
  • Schools
  • Churches


  • Hospitals
  • Government
  • Halls
  • Restaurants
  • Strata complexes
  • and just about any other situation
  • Connector.

Property Managers, Strata Managers, Pest Control Companies

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Possum and Rat Removal for Dee Why

Is your home or place of business being invaded by unwanted guests?

Possum Piper are experts in the safe management and relocation of possums, rats and other wildlife in Dee Why. In fact, we have evicted 3000+ possums and 2000+ rats from countless homes and businesses across Sydney.

Our team are fully-equipped to handle your possum or rodent problem anywhere in Dee Why.

  • Fully certified and insured
  • Safe and humane possum removal
  • Discount corporate rates for real estate and strata agents
  • Preventative treatment
  • Minor building enhancements
  • Payments accepted via PayPal, Visa and MasterCard
  • 12 month warranty

Call us on (02) 9186 3322 or send your enquiry to book an appointment today.

Safe and Humane

Possums are a protected species in New South Wales. Only professionals with an Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) issued license are permitted to manage and relocate possums.

It is illegal to relocate a possum away from the property where it was captured. Possums are highly territorial and any attempt to relocate the possum will cause them to become stressed and possibly die.

Possum Piper conducts the removal process in accordance with the possum management policy issued by the Office of Environment and Heritage. We prevent the risk of harm and stress by simply moving the animal to a safer location near the premise

From there, we offer a number of preventative options to prevent the animal from re-entering.

Ongoing Support

Possum Piper is one of the few companies in Sydney that hold a Commercial Possum Cather’s License and a Full Builders License.

There are many ways to protect your home or place of business from unwanted guests. Possum Piper will give you tailored advice and offer a range of building modifications to boost the defence of your property.

From sealing entry points to installing gutter guards and performing minor repairs – even a few lifestyle changes can make a real difference.

Real Estate and Strata Agents

You want to ensure your tenants are comfortable and enjoy the highest standard of living. And you definitely want to avoid costly disputes with tenants who cannot enjoy a good night’s sleep due to nocturnal critters!

Possum Piper offers special corporate discounts for real estate agents, strata managers and landlords.

You get the following benefits of choosing a local possum removal service in Dee Why:

  • FREE written quote before starting any job
  • Friendly service for tenants
  • Fully licensed wildlife specialists and builders
  • Recommended preventative treatment
  • 12 month satisfaction guarantee
  • Covered by public liability for up to $10,000.00

Remove Your Possum or Rat

Call (02) 9186 3322 or send your enquiry to book an appointment with a possum and rat removalist in Dee Why.

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