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we remove possums trapped in your roof

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we eradicate rats from your property

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  • Homes
  • Housing complexes
  • Industrial units
  • Commercial buildings
  • Schools
  • Churches


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  • Halls
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  • Strata complexes
  • and just about any other situation
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Rat and Possum Removal | Manly

A short distance from the Sydney CBD, Manly is a luxurious beachside suburb with a vibrant café culture, engaging recreation spaces and picturesque bayside scenery. While the locals simply love Manly, so do the possums and rodents who invade our local homes and businesses.

Are you looking for a rat or possum removal service in Manly that’s easy to implement, won’t cost a fortune, and is guaranteed to stop the problem from coming back?

Meet Possum Piper

Possum Piper has local knowledge and experience in dealing with possums and rats across Manly.

We’re familiar with the local laws of the Northern Beaches Council and follow all council procedures when removing possums from the area. Our team services Manly daily and offers fast, reliable and lasting results for clients across the northern beaches.

  • To date, we have successfully relocated over 3000 possums and evicted over 2000 rats.
  • Our humane and eco-friendly methods ensure that possums are removed from the premise and relocated to a safe area – without any risk of causing harm or stress.
  • Need to evict some pesky rats? We provide custom treatment plans for rat removal across Manly

Residential and Commercial Services

Possum Piper brings comfort and peace of mind to clients across Manly.

From homeowners to businesses, property managers and landlords – we can solve any possum or rat-related issue.

We also offer discount rates for property managers and landlords.

Possum Removal

Possum removal in Manly, it’s a simple process but should be handled by a licensed professional.

By performing a 20-point possum inspection report, you get a clear understanding of the problem, how to solve it, and how much it’ll cost you.

From there, we may install a one-way door to allow the possum to exit on their own. If this doesn’t work, we can manually intervene with a cage and transport the possum to a safe spot away from the premise.

After the job, you also get expert advice on how to stop the problem from coming back.

Rat Removal

Rats and rodents love to wreak havoc. They enter through tiny cracks, crevices and tall areas; then proceed to chew on wires, contaminate food, and damage plants or timber structures.

Possum Piper can inspect your property and create a unique treatment plan to solve your rat problem. We set up controlled bait stations in targeted areas and monitor its effectiveness to get the desired results.

We follow-up with ongoing appointments to check in on the treatment and make sure the infestation won’t return.

General Repairs and Maintenance

Possum Piper is one of the few services who carry a Commercial Possum Catchers License and Full Builders License.

Possums and rats love to make a mess wherever they go. From breaking into entry points, urinating and defecating; they decrease the value and quality of your building in many ways.

Luckily, we can perform a range of minor and major repair works to rejuvenate your property:

  • Seal entry points
  • Repair possum holes
  • Fix and replace broken tiles
  • Install gutter guards
  • General tidy up

Say Goodbye to Rats and Possums

Enjoy fast relief from rats and possums with one easy phone call.

Call 02 9186 3322 or make an enquiry now to get in touch with a rat and possum removal specialist in Manly.

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