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Possum and Rat Removal for Mosman

Do you have a pesky possum in the roof? Maybe a bad case of rats or mice? Whether you have these pests in your home or business, Possum Piper is the name you can trust for possum removal in Mosman and the surrounding suburbs.

As fully licensed wildlife experts we have successfully evicted over 3,000 possums across Sydney. What makes us unique? Simply put, take the time to carefully understand your needs and guide you through the entire process to ease your concerns.

By taking an eco-friendly and humane approach, you can rest easy knowing the property and tenants will not be disturbed, and the possum will be released safely in accordance with the laws.

Best of all? The service will be completed quickly and efficiently. So you can get on with your day in peace.

Possum Removal Warriewood

Proudly serving Mosman

Fully licensed and insured

Eco-friendly and humane

Dead possum removal

Entry point sealing and general repairs

Effective rat removal

Servicing strata and real estate agents

Free estimates for possum removal in Mosman – call (02) 9186 3322

Possum Removal – The Process

Rat and Possum Removal Warriewood

On a suitable day and time, we will assess the property and locate the entry points. From there, you will be told exactly how the possums are getting in, how to deal with them, and how much it will cost you.

Once you are happy to proceed, we will seal the entry points and install a one-way exit door over the hole, allowing the possum to exit the roof – but not get back in. If the possum has caused any roof damage, we are fully licensed to carry out a range of minor repairs, such as tile repairs and replacements, chimney repairs, and more.

By taking these preventative measures, you can relax knowing your home or business will be free of possums.

Rat Removal Mosman – The Process

Possum Piper uses safe and effective measures to control rat infestations of any size.

A rat removal specialist in Mosman will inspect the premise to better understand the full extent of the problem. Once they know what they are dealing with, they will tell you what steps need to be taken, and how much the treatment will cost.

To get rid of your rat problem, we place baiting stations in targeted areas around the outside the premise. If requested we will maintain the baiting stations to refill them and ensure they’re achieving the desired results.

Rest assured all baits are placed in discreet areas where possible so no one else will know about your little rat problem.

Strata and Real Estate Services

Hundreds of strata and real estate agents, throughout Mosman and the surrounding Sydney suburbs, put their trust in Possum Piper to safely deal with possum and rat infestations of any kind.

You can expect friendly, professional, and courteous service every time. We are happy to liaise directly with the clients. Before any treatment starts, you will know the exact results of the inspection, and how much the service will cost.

Same-day emergency service is an option depending on availability.

Say Goodbye to Possums and Rats

For free advice and a quote, call Possum Piper today on 9186 3322. Or send your online enquiry for a quick response.

Your possum removal expert in Mosman will be happy to discuss your needs and book an appointment.

What We Do

Find Possum and Removal

We remove possums
trapped in your roof

Find Possum

We Find & remove DEAD
possums and rats


We Remove possums

Seal Possum

We repair possum holes in
your roof & also remove the possums

Find Possum and Removal

We Eradicate RATS from
your property

Find Possum and Removal

Remove rats
trapped in your roof

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Home Services


Housing complexes

Industrial units

Hospitals Possurm Removal Services


Government Possurm Removal Services


Restaurants Possurm Removal Services


Commercial Buildings Possurm Removal Services

Commercial buildings

Schools Possurm Removal Services


Churches Possurm Removal Services


Halls Possurm Removal Services


Strata Complexes Possurm Removal Services

Strata complexes

Any Other Possum & Rat Removal Situation

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