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Possum Removal in Roseville

Wherever you are based in Roseville, Possum Piper is available 6 days a week to remove invasive possums from your property.

As fully qualified and insured wildlife experts, we practice only gentle, humane, and eco-friendly possum removal. We also specialise in preventive care and rat removal to keep your property safe for the long term.

Our focus is to gently remove the possum from your place of residence. There is no risk of harm to the animal. And the entire process is in line with the local council and NSW Office of Environment & Heritage standards.

Possum Removal Warriewood

Rest easy knowing your possum issue is handled with utmost care and attention-to-detail.

 Proudly servicing Roseville and surrounding suburbs

 Fully qualified, licensed, and experienced wildlife experts

 Gentle, humane, and eco-friendly

 Preventive care – sealing of entry points and minor roof repairs

 Flexible payment via cash and Eftpos

Satisfaction guaranteed – if you’re not happy, neither are we

To request a fast FREE phone quote, call Possum Piper on 9186 3322. Alternatively, leave a friendly message. Your possum removal expert in Roseville will gladly book a suitable day and time for your inspection.

Possum Removal – What to Expect

Rat and Possum Removal Warriewood

In order to identify and control your possum infestation, Possum Piper will carry out the following steps:

  • Thorough inspection of both inside and outside the building, identifying all possible entry points, and inspection the building roof itself.
    • If the infestation turns out to be rodents, baiting stations will be set up to eliminate the rodents
  • Seal all entry holes with galvanised stainless steel mesh, metal sheeting, or aluminium flashing to prevent re-entry.
  • Install a one-way possum door so that the possum can leave but not re-enter the roof. If necessary, we may setup a possum trap, and then return in 24-hours to collect and relocate the possum.
  • Fix any possum-related damage to the roof. Such as replace broken tiles, fix holes in eave sheeting, replace and repair gutters, flashing repairs, pointing repairs, and replace and repair valleys.
  • Back up our service with a workmanship guarantee. If possums manage to get back into the roof, we’ll return free of charge to resolve the issue.(the guarantee is subject to the inspection report)

For a free quote on possum removal in Roseville, call (02) 9186 3322.

Strata and Real Estate Services

At Possum Piper, we understand that keeping your clients and tenants happy matters. After all, your reputation is on the line! That’s why you need to respond quickly to tenant complaints and ensure that your (or your client’s) property investment is well-maintained.

From consultation to completion, Possum Piper takes care of it all for you. We can liaise directly with tenants, thoroughly inspect the property, and give you a fast obligation-free quote. Plus, treatment only begins when you or the landlord grants permission.

All of this is done in a professional manner and with minimal fuss to your tenants.

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Ready to make your home or business a possum-free zone? Get in touch with Possum Piper today for fast, friendly, and effective results you can count on.

To request a FREE quote on possum removal in Roseville, simply call (02) 9186 3322 or send your online enquiry. Our friendly staff look forward to addressing your concerns and helping you overcome your possum problem.


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Find Possum and Removal

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Find Possum and Removal

Remove rats
trapped in your roof

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