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You don’t want possums on your roof. You want to keep the property safe and enjoy a good night’s sleep. That’s why you need possum removal experts in St Ives who can protect you from future threats.

Possum Piper are licensed wildlife experts who have successfully evicted 3000+ possums and 2000+ rodents. Helping both residents and possums live in perfect harmony is our specialty.

Every effort is made to ensure the safety and wellbeing of each possum. Rest assured your possum is relocated in a gentle, humane and eco-friendly way.

Possum Removal Warriewood

Possum Removal Process

At a time chosen by you, our wildlife experts will do a visual inspection of the roof. During the inspection they will look for possible entry points and signs of damage. The most common areas we inspect are the:

  • Chimneys
  • Loose tiles
  • Roof voids, cavities and gutters

Before any work begins you are given a custom treatment plan and total cost for the service.

Once the possum is safely removed, the team can perform minor repairs on the roof and seal entry points. These defence measures will ensure no possums can enter the property again.

Possum Piper can also get rid of dead possums found in the chimney or rooftop area.

For a quote on possum removal in St Ives, call (03) 9186 3322 or complete the online form.

Rat and Possum Removal Warriewood

Mice and Rat Removal

In St Ives, rat removal is vital to avoid the risk of property damage and exposure to serious disease.

Quite often undetected, rats and mice can cause all kinds of havoc like chew on cables and building materials, transmit disease to nearby food sources – not to mention give tenants a fright.

At Possum Piper, we can help you avoid a massive repair bill and prevent your family from being exposed to major health risks. By using effective eco-friendly baiting stations, we can safely eradicate the threat with minimal fuss.

After the initial treatment, you get advice and recommendations on how to protect the property for the long-term.

Strata Managers and Real Estate Agents

As strata and property managers, you want to keep your property hygienic and free of destructive pests. Not only does this effort keep tenants happy, it spreads positive word of mouth and gives your business a professional image.

Possum Piper is committed to keeping your valuable investments in great condition. As your trusted possum and rat removal service, we can inspect the premise and get rid of any pest that comes your way.

Our team is happy to liaise with tenants on your behalf. Before any work starts you are given a custom quote, so you know what to expect and how each service will cost.

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Possum Piper has successfully carried out 3000+ possum evictions and 2000+ rat evictions.

For fast and effective relief from possums and rodents, look no further than Possum Piper.

For a quote on rat and possum removal in St Ives, call (02) 9186 3322 or complete the online form today. Our friendly team will be happy to discuss your needs and give you a quote.

What We Do

Find Possum and Removal

We remove possums
trapped in your roof

Find Possum

We Find & remove DEAD
possums and rats


We Remove possums

Seal Possum

We repair possum holes in
your roof & also remove the possums

Find Possum and Removal

We Eradicate RATS from
your property

Find Possum and Removal

Remove rats
trapped in your roof

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