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Are you looking for safe and humane way to get rid of a nosey possum? The kind of fast and simple service that will help sleep easy at night, avoid property damage and potential health risks?

Whether you have an unwanted guest wreaking havoc in the roof of your home, commercial business or strata property – you can depend on us for possum removal in Terrey Hills that gets results.

Possum Removal From Roof

Meet Your Local Experts in Possum Removal

Possum Piper proudly services the Terrey Hills community and surrounding suburbs.

As fully licensed and insured wildlife experts, we closely follow the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH) guidelines in order to safely remove possums.

No matter where you live in Terrey Hills, you bet Possum Piper will show up on-time and get the job done with minimal fuss. You’ll get a custom plan that’s tailored to your exact needs so you can expect maximum results.

And with a 12-month guarantee subject to our I inspection report.

  No-obligation quote

  Safe, eco-friendly and humane possum removal

  Minor roof repairs (i.e. fixing broken tiles, seal entry points)

  Location and removal of dead possums

  Flexible payment options

  12 month guarantee – if the possum returns, so do we

For a free quote and advice on possum removal in Terrey Hills, call Possum Piper today on 9186 3322.

Rodent Eviction

Rats are known to transmit deadly diseases and cause extensive property damage. Possum Piper can help you avoid the health risks and dealing with a major repair bill.

We’ll assess both inside and outside the property to find entry points, signs of infestation and live rats. From there, you get a custom treatment plan designed to get rid of the infestation and prevent re-entry.

Rest assured all treatments used are eco-friendly and not harmful to pets, humans or other wildlife. By being placed in discreet targeted areas, they’re out of sight so you don’t even have to think about it.

Possum Piper will monitor the treatment to make sure it gets the best results and brings you long-term relief.

Strata and Real Estate Services

You want to preserve the value of your property, keep tenants happy and have a good reputation. If you need an urgent response to a possum or rat infestation, Possum Piper is just one easy call away.

Our local team will be happy to communicate with tenants and arrange a suitable appointment time. Before each service you’ll get a custom quote so you know exactly what you pay for.

Every effort is made to provide a minimal fuss service that achieves the best outcome for your circumstances.

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Possum Piper proudly services the Terrey Hills region and surrounding suburbs. Whether you have possums in the roof or rats chewing on the cables – our local team is just around the corner.

For free advice and a quote on possum removal in Terrey Hills, call Possum Piper on 02 9186 3322 or send an online enquiry.

What We Do

Roof Trapped Possum Removal

We remove possums
trapped in your roof

Remove Dead Possum & Rats

We Find & remove DEAD
possums and rats

Remove Possum From Chimneys

We Remove possums

Seal Possum Entry Points

We repair possum holes in
your roof & also remove the possums

Roof Trapped Possum Removal

We Eradicate RATS from
your property

Roof Trapped Possum Removal

Remove rats
trapped in your roof

What we service

Home Services


Housing Complex

Housing complexes

Industrial Possum Removal

Industrial units

Hospitals Possurm Removal Services


Government Possurm Removal Services


Restaurants Possurm Removal Services


Commercial Buildings Possurm Removal Services

Commercial buildings

Schools Possurm Removal Services


Churches Possurm Removal Services



Strata complexes

And just about any other situation

Property Managers, Strata Managers, Pest Control Companies

Possum Piper employ safe and humane methods to remove possums. All possums are safely collected and relocated to nearby habitats for them to thrive.

For exterminating rats near you, our odourless rodent control ensures your family and workers are safe from harm.

If you’ve discovered dead possums, we can remove them from the premise.

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