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Over 3,000 possum evictions. Over 2,000 rat evictions … and counting.

Possum Pipers provides fast, humane, and eco-friendly possum removal for Wahroonga and the surrounding suburbs.

We can safely remove any possum from your home or business, typically on the same day. And we can set up preventive measures to ensure re-infestation does not occur.

First, we’ll come to you at a suitable time and inspect the property. Once the possum has been found, we’ll install a one-way door that will allow the possums to exit the roof but not allow it to get back in.

Under NSW law the possum can only be released within 150m of where it was found. To prevent a future invasion, we’ll seal all possible entry points – using quality galvanised steel mesh – and perform minor roof repairs.

Possum Removal Warriewood

Proudly Serving Wahroonga

Getting help from a local possum removal expert in Wahroonga is quick, easy and affordable.

No matter where you are based in the area, you can expect a fast and friendly response to your situation. We take every call seriously and, in many cases, we can provide same-day service to resolve the issue.

Below are the following sectors we service:


Housing complexes

Industrial units

Commercial buildings






Rat Removal for Wahroonga

Rat and Possum Removal Warriewood

Aside from being experts in possum removal for Wahroonga, Possum Piper can also take care of rats and mice wreaking havoc on your property.

Our discreet and eco-friendly rat control is designed to target the source of the problem with zero-risk of harm to humans, pets and other wildlife.

After an initial inspection of the area, we will recommend a treatment plan based on the extent of the problem and type of property. In most cases, we deploy bait stations in targeted areas where rodents are most likely to be active.

Once the treatment is set, Possum Piper will perform routine check-ups to refill or modify the treatment until the problem is gone. And they will also recommend general housekeeping tips to reduce the risk of another infestation.

Great Value for Real Estate Agents and Strata Companies

Having healthy and happy tenants is paramount to the success of your property investment. By responding quickly to tenant complaints, you can increase the reputation of your business and retain valued tenants for longer.

Possum Piper is compliant with Community Select and Sodexo. So you can relax knowing the job will be done right and in accordance with local council and industry standard guidelines.

With access to the latest booking software, communication and invoicing systems, you can send out job requests quickly and monitor their status in real-time. Rest assured you are kept in the loop at all times – you don’t have to chase up a thing.

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Contact Possum Piper today to rid your home or business of possums, rats and mice.

To enquire about rat and possum removal in Wahroonga, call (02) 9186 3322 for free advice and a quote.

What We Do

Find Possum and Removal

We remove possums
trapped in your roof

Find Possum

We Find & remove DEAD
possums and rats


We Remove possums

Seal Possum

We repair possum holes in
your roof & also remove the possums

Find Possum and Removal

We Eradicate RATS from
your property

Find Possum and Removal

Remove rats
trapped in your roof

What we service

Home Services


Housing complexes

Industrial units

Hospitals Possurm Removal Services


Government Possurm Removal Services


Restaurants Possurm Removal Services


Commercial Buildings Possurm Removal Services

Commercial buildings

Schools Possurm Removal Services


Churches Possurm Removal Services


Halls Possurm Removal Services


Strata Complexes Possurm Removal Services

Strata complexes

Any Other Possum & Rat Removal Situation

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