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    Need a Certified Possum Removalist in Willoughby?

    Keep your property and tenants safe from possum infestation with professional possum removal in Willoughby.

    As fully licensed, insured, and certified wildlife experts, we care about the health and wellbeing of our local wildlife and that is why we handle each possum with the highest level of care.

    Plus, we closely follow the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage standards. To ensure the process of catching and releasing the possum is done in a gentle, humane, and eco-friendly way – without causing harm or stress to the animal.

    Possum Removal Warriewood

    Wherever you are based in Willoughby, you can get free advice and estimate from us any day of the week. Simply pick up the phone or send an online enquiry! We will be happy to give you an honest price estimate and book a suitable time for your appointment.

    Book your appointment with a possum removal expert in Willoughby today. Call 1300 880 194 or contact Possum Piper.

    Possum Removal

    Rat and Possum Removal Warriewood

    Upon arrival, the first step we take is to identify the source of the problem. To do this we assess the property to look for entry points the possum may have used to get into the roof.

    Once found, each entry point is sealed tight to prevent the risk of further entry. This way you have peace of mind knowing your property and tenants are safe from health risks, costly damage, and inconvenience.

    From there, Possum Piper will carry out the appropriate measures to install a temporary one way exit to allow any possums trapped in the roof to exit but no be able to get back in. Rest assured the process will be gentle and humane with zero-fuss to your day.

    What if there is damage found on the rooftop due to a possum? Possum Piper is fully licensed to carry out minor roof repairs. Whether you need us to repair or replace tiles, repair ridges, or install gutter guards – you are fully covered.

    Rat Removal – Willoughby

    Need help dealing with a different kind of pest? Aside from being experts in possum removal for Willoughby, Possum Piper are also highly skilled in the removal of rats and other rodents.

    On a suitable day and time, Possum Piper will inspect your property to understand the full extent of the infestation. From there, they will recommend a suitable treatment plan and give you an honest, fixed quote on the spot.

    All treatments are placed in discreet areas. So your secret rodent problem is safe with us! And your local expert will provide ongoing support until the infestation is gone for good.

    Strata and Real Estate Services

    Possum Piper is fully compliant with Community Select and Sodexo, and is a proud partner for hundreds of independent real estate agents and strata management companies throughout Sydney.

    By using the latest booking, communication, and invoicing web-based system, the entire process will be seamless. Plus, you get real-time updates each step of the way until the job is done – you will never have to chase us up.

    To make your life easier Possum Piper is happy to liaison with tenants and landlords on your behalf.

    Say Goodbye to Possums and Rats

    For all enquiries about possum removal in Willoughby, contact Possum Piper today.

    What We Do

    Find Possum and Removal

    We remove possums
    trapped in your roof

    Find Possum

    We Find & remove DEAD
    possums and rats


    We Remove possums

    Seal Possum

    We repair possum holes in
    your roof & also remove the possums

    Find Possum and Removal

    We Eradicate RATS from
    your property

    Find Possum and Removal

    Remove rats
    trapped in your roof

    What we service

    Home Services


    Housing complexes

    Industrial units

    Hospitals Possurm Removal Services


    Government Possurm Removal Services


    Restaurants Possurm Removal Services


    Commercial Buildings Possurm Removal Services

    Commercial buildings

    Schools Possurm Removal Services


    Churches Possurm Removal Services


    Halls Possurm Removal Services


    Strata Complexes Possurm Removal Services

    Strata complexes

    Any Other Possum & Rat Removal Situation

    And just about any other situation

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