• Possum Piper is a professional dead possum & rodent removal company, with 40 years of extensive knowledge, serving Sydney, Central Coast, and Brisbane. We prioritize exceptional customer service and use eco-friendly techniques.

    Our skilled technicians offer an end-to-end solution for swift, cost-effective service including dedicated customer support for peace of mind.


    When an animal dies, bacteria rapidly spread on the body, causing the tissues to break down and releasing natural gases that lead to the intolerable smell.


    Upon arrival, we conduct a thorough inspection to locate the source of the odour. Our experienced Possum Piper technicians will remove the animal's body if it's physically accessible; however, in some cases, we may need permission to cut into walls or ceilings. We ensure there are no live young present,
    transferring them to wildlife rescue if found, and then dispose of the carcass responsibly.


     In addition to our dead animal service, we also offer:


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