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    Possums pose a significant threat to trees through their over-grazing, causing damage and drastically shortening the trees' lifespans. In some cases, these creatures can even cause complete defoliation within a single season.


    One problematic behaviour of possums is their ability to use branches as a bridge, enabling them to infiltrate your roof-space, where they become a source of annoyance with their mess-making and noisy activities. This calls for a robust solution to protect against possum-related damage.


    Fortunately, there is an effective way to address these issues. Installing possum guards on your trees proves to be an excellent solution to avoid such problems. Our chosen approach involves using high-grade, UV-resistant, and extra tough 1mm thick polycarbonate plastic sheeting, ensuring durability in all weather conditions. This solution is particularly well-suited for Domestic, Industrial & Commercial properties, and other areas housing At-risk or Significant Trees that require protection. Furthermore, the guard serves an additional purpose by reducing predation of endangered bird nests by possums.


    Moreover, the possum guard proves highly beneficial for safeguarding large fruit trees, preventing possums from consuming buds and flowers. Notably, it also proves to be an effective means of restricting possums from accessing
    utility assets.


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