• Possum Piper is a professional rodent control company, with 40 years of extensive knowledge, serving Sydney, Central Coast, and Brisbane. We prioritize exceptional customer service and use eco-friendly techniques.

    Our skilled technicians offer an end-to-end solution for swift, cost-effective service including dedicated customer support for peace of mind.


    We offer a thorough assessment, planning, and execution of rat control systems to effectively remove rodents from your premises and ensure the infestation does not return. Rodents can cause significant damage, gnawing on wires, cables, timber structures, and plants to keep their teeth in check.
    Moreover, they transmit diseases through faeces, urine, and contaminated food.


    Possum Piper has successfully resolved countless rodent issues, understanding that each property is unique and requires a tailored approach. Our safe and child/pet-friendly rat removal processes guarantee a pest-free environment. During our visit, we conduct a comprehensive inspection
    and provide a written report detailing the extent of rodent activity and vulnerable areas. Subsequently, we discuss suitable treatment options, including setting up rodent bait stations in controlled areas and offering ongoing prevention measures. Additionally, we offer advice and alternatives for effective DIY treatments.


     In addition to our dead animal service, we also offer:


    Also check out our shop for rat bait refills delivered to your door.


    Contact Us today to discuss the cost and process for controlling rodent activity from your property.

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