• Possum Piper is a professional possum box installation company, with 40 years of extensive knowledge, serving Sydney, Central Coast, and Brisbane. We prioritize exceptional customer service and use eco-friendly techniques.

    Our skilled technicians offer an end-to-end solution for swift, cost-effective service including dedicated customer support for peace of mind.


    By providing a safe and comfortable home for possums, you can help protect these important members of our ecosystem.

    Installing and encouraging possum relocation is a great way to help protect your property from further infestations. By utilizing proactive measures, one can guarantee their residence or business remains free of undesirable vermin.

    Proper installation of the possum box is crucial for its
    success. Place it in a sheltered area while making existing nesting spots unattractive by using quassia chips and increasing light exposure. Entice the possums into their new home with food like apples, bananas, or corn cobs placed near the entrance hole.


     In addition to our possum box installation service, we also offer:


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