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    Possum Piper is a professional possum removal and rodent
    control company, serving all areas across Sydney, Central Coast, and Brisbane with 40 years of extensive building knowledge. Our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service sets us apart. Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians ensure all your issues are resolved, guaranteeing a noise-free and odourless home or building.


    We work collaboratively with homeowners, business owners,
    property managers, and landlords. Our expert Technicians assess each situation individually and tailor a suitable solution for you. 


    As industry leaders, we prioritize the use of the most up-to-date environmentally friendly and eco-conscious techniques, ensuring the best possible customer experience. We understand that our customers want a swift and cost-effective removal of possums or rats, with the reassurance that these pests won't return. Throughout the entire process, we provide dedicated customer support, offering you peace of mind.


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What is your process?

The first step is to do a full inspection of your house or building and then our expert technician will discuss with you what will need to be carried out to resolve your issues.
If it is possible to complete the work on the day the technician will then seal the entry points discussed and install a temporary one way door over one of the areas the possum uses to enter / exit. The possum will then exit through the door to go and forage and when they come back they will find themselves unable to go back in. We leave the door for a minimum of 4 days as it can take up to 4 days for the possum/s to exit but in most cases, they will exit the same night as when the doors were installed.
Once the possum is no longer in the roof we then come back to remove the door and seal the underlaying entry point.
We also inspect for rats and have several options to resolve this issue which will be discussed with you at the time of inspection.

How do I remove Possums from my backyard?

Unfortunately, you can’t remove possums more than 150m from the backyard, what you can do is remove any plants or trees that may be attracting them, there are different products on the market that might work short term but it is likely the possums will get accustomed to the sprays, homemade “tea” and sonic or strobe light deterrents so these are not a guaranteed solution.

Are there possum rules for removing Possums?

Native animals may only be caught by a holder of a current catch and release licence and they must adhere to the conditions under National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 which states a possum must be released, unharmed, after sunset, on the property on which they were captured and within 150m from the point of capture, against a structure that they can immediately climb and not to release native animals in an area where there is a high probability of injury or death.

How do I know if it’s a possum or rats?

Both Possums and Rats are more active at night however Possums are more likely to have a set routine so they will leave at roughly the same time each night between dusk and 11pm and then they will return between 3am and dawn.
Rats on the other hand are more sporadic and can sometimes be heard moving during the day.