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Possum Removal

Possum Piper have successfully relocated over 3000 possums across Sydney.

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Rat Control

Possum Piper are experts in the control of rat activity for Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

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Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly and humane methods are practiced by all staff at Possum Piper.

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Strata / Real Estate

We work with hundreds of independent Real Estate agents and Strata Management companies.

The #1 Possum & Rat
Removal for Sydney

Possum Piper is a professional possum removal and rodent removal company that services all areas across Sydney.

We value a high standard of customer service. We achieve this by offering you an end to end solution by our highly skilled and experienced technicians. We lead the industry in the most up to date environmentally and eco-friendly techniques that delivers the best possible customer experience.

We understand what our customer’s want which simply is to remove the possum/s or rats as quickly and cost effective as possible, making sure they won’t come back and with the comfort of knowing we provide customer support throughout the whole process.

Our Process

First, we assess the area to find entry points and tell you where the possums are coming from, how to deal with them, and how much it’ll cost you.

We seal any entry points and place a one way exit door over the hole to allow any possums in the roof to exit. If you have a rodent infestation, we use baiting stations. This controls the infestation and establishes a rat-free environment.

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What We Do

Roof Trapped Possum Removal

Remove possums
trapped in your ROOF

Remove Dead Possum & Rats

Find & remove DEAD
possums and rats

Remove Possum From Chimneys

Remove possums

Seal Possum Entry Points

Seal possum entry points
& remove the possums

Remove Rats Trapped In Your Roof

Eradicate RATS from
your property

Remove Rats Trapped In Your Roof

Remove rats
trapped in your roof

Where We Do it

Home Services


Housing Complex

Housing complexes

Industrial Possum Removal

Industrial units

Commercial Buildings Possurm Removal Services

Commercial buildings

Government Possurm Removal Services


Restaurants Possurm Removal Services


Hospitals Possurm Removal Services


Schools Possurm Removal Services


Churches Possurm Removal Services


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Possum Piper Services

We are a professional possum & rodent removal company servicing all areas across Sydney.

Happy Clients About Us

Darren from Possum Piper was quick on giving me a quote. He gave as a good quote. He arrived early and finished the job quickly. I am happy to recommend him.

Ian H from Thornleigh, NSW
Ian HThornleigh, NSW

Possum Piper were very prompt, efficient and did an excellent job. I am very satisfied with the service and the quality of the workmanship.

Kevin H from North Ryde, NSW
Kevin HNorth Ryde, NSW

Came when they said they would. Setup one-way door and fixed a hole. Possum was gone after 2 days but they clearly explained the process and how long it could take. Rang to see if I thought possum was gone said yes so came and collect one-way door. Straight forward and easy to do business with.

Daryl S from Castle Hill, NSW
DarylCastle Hill, NSW

Possum Piper were professional and gave us an honest advice over the phone.

Georgia from Rozelle, NSW
GeorgiaRozelle, NSW

Friendly and they know their stuff. Just trying to outsmart a possum is the tricky bit.

Sue from North Curl Curl, NSW
SueNorth Curl Curl, NSW

Prompt response, clear and complete description of process and quote. Available to do the job promptly. All staff pleasant to deal with. Successful outcome.

Agrita F from Bobbin Head, NSW
Agrita FBobbin Head, NSW

Excellent service excellent result - very prompt and efficient response

Chris W from Fairlight, NSW
Chris WFairlight, NSW

A clear quote before the job, an explanation of the processes, the job was done on time and the possums and rodents are now gone. What more can you ask for? Great service and a great result.

David Young
David Young