Do you need to remove a possum or rat ?
3000 + possum & 2000 + rat evictions!
Choose the No.1 ranked possum & rat removal service in Sydney enviro & eco friendly

what we do:

we remove possums trapped in your ROOF

we find & remove DEAD possums

we remove possums in CHIMNEYS

we REPAIR possum HOLES in your roof & also remove the possum/s

we eradicate RATS from your property

what we service:

  • Homes
  • Housing complexes
  • Industrial units
  • Commercial buildings
  • Schools
  • Churches


  • Hospitals
  • Government
  • Halls
  • Restaurants
  • Strata complexes
  • and just about any other situation
  • Connector.

Property Managers, Strata Managers, Pest Control Companies

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Fully Licensed and Insured

Eco-friendly and humane methods are practiced by all staff at Possum Piper.

Why? Because we care about the health and wellbeing of all wildlife.

The Possum Piper team hold a Commercial Possum Catchers license therefore possums are removed from the premise safely and without harming the environment.

We Provide an End-to-End Possum Removal Solution for Sydney

Possum Piper is a professional possum removal and rodent removal company that services all areas across Sydney.

We value a high standard of customer service. We achieve this by offering you an end to end solution by our highly skilled and experienced technicians. We lead the industry in the most up to date environmentally and eco-friendly techniques that delivers the best possible customer experience.

We understand what our customer’s want which simply is to remove the possum/s or rats as quickly and cost effective as possible, making sure they won’t come back and with the comfort of knowing we provide customer support throughout the whole process.

“Done Right Everytime All The Time”

Our process

First, we assess the area to find entry points and tell you where the possums are coming from, how to deal with them, and how much it’ll cost you.

We seal any entry points and place a one way exit door over the hole to allow any possums in the roof to exit. If you have a rodent infestation, we use baiting stations. This controls the infestation and establishes a rat-free environment.

Minor Building Repairs

As well as being experts in possum and rat issues we are also skilled tradesmen and builders. We’re also the only possum and rat removal company in Sydney to hold both a Commercial Possum Catchers Licence and a Full Builders Licence.

If you have holes in your rooftop or other entry points, the Possum Piper team can repair and seal these entry points. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about possums or rodents coming into your property.

This gives us a huge advantage in solving your issue and giving you the right advice and strategies on the status of your building and maintaining a possum and rat free environment.

Real-Time Booking and Invoicing

Each of our technician are equipped with the latest software with a sophisticated booking system that notifies you in real time the progress of your job and is also able to process quotes, invoices and payment in real time making the whole process seamless and stress free.

We are also the only rat & possum removal company in Sydney that carries out a 20 point possum & rat inspection report that helps you clearly understand what needs to be done and why.

Real Estate Services

Landlords and property managers depend on cost-effective possum removal in Sydney to keep tenants happy.

We work together with property managers to provide friendly and professional service at discounted corporate rates. Preventative treatment is also offered to ensure the problem won’t come back. Therefore, saving the agency and landlord money in the long-term.

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