Scope of Work

What is included in the inspection.

As long as we have safe available access to the roof we check for both possum and rat activity, providing a full inspection report outlining the condition of your property, any findings identifying where Possums are gaining entry with recommendations for preventions in the report for your consideration as to which services you require with no obligation to proceed.

The following parameters are applicable for safety and feasibility reasons.

This inspection can be carried out provided the maximum height is 6m from the ground to the gutter line and there is a clear flat area on the ground 1.5m from the base of the building, if the height is more than 6m we would require 2 x Technicians with a maximum height of 8.9m and a clear area of 3m, over 8.9m will need scaffolding or a cherry picker and will be quoted accordingly.
If the roof pitch is over 30° then this will also require 2 x Technicians for safety reasons and to perform harness work.

If we need to do the inspection at a later date with 2 x Technicians present this will incur a two person inspection fee. The initial call out fee is applicable if upon arrival the Technician deems the situation to require 2 x Technicians.

We check over the gutter lines from the ground and if noticeable entry points are seen then the ladder is erected to check those areas more thoroughly, we do not inspect inch by inch as this would be time consuming and unnecessary to reach the appropriate conclusions.

All roof checks will also be carried out 1m back from the edge of the roof unless it is a flat roof   

If there is no internal manhole or roof cavity accessible (e.g. flat roof) we will not be able to fully assess the inside of the roof, this is the predominant part of the rat assessment and all possum evaluation is undertaken externally.

The main power may need to be turned off for safety reasons when accessing the roof internally and/or externally. We take all care but no liability if electrical cables are damaged during our possum removal process or by the possums themselves.

Works carried out on the day of attendance are inclusive of call out fees.

If we can’t carry out the possum proofing on the day due to time constraints, requiring 2 x Technicians and or materials to be ordered, a quotation for any further works if required will be emailed to you post attendance, in this instance the minimum call out fee is incurred per attendance if no work is carried out, the call out /inspection fee will not be waived from any quoted price if works are carried out at another date or approved post attendance.