Post Work Done. What happens now?

After we have carried out the work to seal off the entry points and installed the temporary one-way door system, it is common for the Possum to be noisy in the consecutive days afterwards, as they may have difficulty in locating or exiting the one-way door, we do ask you to be patient and to give the possum a chance to go through the door itself. It can take up to 4 days for the possum/s to exit but in most cases, they will exit the same night as when the doors were installed.
There is also a possibility they will attempt to re-enter the one-way door the morning after they exited the roof through the one-way door installed. You may hear the possum/s trying to get back into their entry point on the outside of the roof somewhere between 3.00-6.30am. This could be a bit noisy and could last anywhere from 5mins to 1hr and could possibly continue every morning for up to 2 weeks.

IF you are hearing noises after the 4th night, please don’t hesitate to contact us. From this point we will ask questions about the time you are hearing noises, If it is obviously still coming and going or if it has been frantic all night, are the noises different or the same as before the work was done?
We would rather you contact us via email or phone 1300 880 194 and it be nothing to worry about than you not call and the possum is trapped or not coming out which may end up in the possum dying in the roof which we do not want!   

If we don’t hear from you then we will assume everything went to plan and the possum/s have now vacated your roof and leaving you in peace.

Once the possum has left we will come back to retrieve the door minimum of 4 days later when the technician is next in the area, these are not scheduled as they are dependent on where and when scheduled jobs are and if the Technician has enough time between appointments.
The door can stay indefinitely without causing any issues to the integrity of your roof, once the door is removed the Technician will seal off the area where the door was located.
Note: If we need access to your property to retrieve the door, we will contact you to arrange a time.  

If we used a trap for the possum removal process, then we will return later that night at a time organised with you that will be after 7pm and/or after sunset.

The possum will then be released on the property (no more than 150m by law under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974) and additional costs would be charged per night of re-attendance until the possum is caught. Alternatively, when a trap is used and set by Possum Piper the release can be done by the property owner or representative for no additional cost after the initial check and release included. If you choose to release the possum yourself you agree to do so lawfully no more than 150m from property, Possum Piper will not be held responsible any fines incurred if these regulations are not followed.