Circumstances that may prevent our attendance include wet conditions, hot temperatures, or extreme wind. In these or other unforeseeable instances we will contact you as soon as possible to reschedule.  

IF you or the occupant will not be able to be at the residence attended for four consecutive nights after a one way door has been installed please inform us immediately to reschedule as we will need your assistance in the days post works to monitor the possum and take appropriate measures if the unlikely event of the possum being trapped in the roof occurs.

Please call the office between 8am-6pm Monday to Friday on 1300 880 194.
Work orders to be sent to

Less than 24 Hours notice will incur a cancellation fee of $100.00 +GST

Service Descriptions and Exclusions:

1.0 Call out fee and full inspection (Excludes work).  

Upon attendance our Technician will carry out a full inspection around the perimeter of the building which includes interior and exterior areas of the roof where safe access is available. 

We check for both possum and rat activity, providing a full Inspection report and quotation for any further works if required, emailed to you post attendance. 

1.1 If there is no internal manhole or roof cavity accessible (e.g. flat roof) we will not be able to fully assess the inside of the roof.
1.2 If the roof pitch is more than 30° or a three-story ladder is required to carry out the inspection safely, we will need to do the inspection at a later date with two Technicians present this will incur a two person inspection fee.
1.3 The main power may need to be turned off for safety reasons when accessing the roof internally and/or externally. We take all care but no liability if electrical cables are damaged during our possum removal process. 
1.4 Possums need opportunity to enter a dwelling and our technician will identify these opportunities and make recommendations in the report for your consideration as to which services you require with no obligation to proceed.
1.5 A call out fee is incurred per attendance if no work is carried out, the call out /inspection fee will not be waived from any quoted price if works are carried out at another date or approved post attendance.
1.6 Works carried out on the day of attendance are inclusive of call out fees.

2A.0 Standard Possum Removal  (Includes Inspection)

Full inspection as outlined above. Sealing of up to 3 basic entry points as needed (No larger than 25cm and can be fixed with galvanized tin and/or snake proof mesh).  2A.1. Additional or more complex entry points are individually priced and will be discussed at time of attendance before proceeding.2A.2. Entry points will be sealed using galvanized tin and/or snake proof mesh unless otherwise specified. 2A.3. Works carried out will be to the exterior of the building only, aesthetic and/or internal repair work is to be carried out by a third party contractor post possum proofing and will be engaged by the property owner, unless requested.2A.4.Internal repairs while possible are subject to the ability to identify them and pricing is at the Technicians discretion.The technician will discuss with you the best options for your circumstances to ensure the possum is removed from the areas concerned, which could be a number of solutions including but not limited to a temporary one way door system allowing the possum to exit but not allowing re-entry. 2A.5. The one-way door does not allow rain to enter the roof. The removal of the one-way door and sealing the final entry point (minimum of 4 days later).2A.6. The removal of the door is when the Technician is in the area and the attendance will not be booked with a date or time unless you need to be present for the Technician to gain access (an additional fee may be applicable if booking is required for someone to be present to pick up the one-way door). 2A.7.  Technicians may need to cut sarking to install one way doors but that is does not affect the integrity and fabric of the building A detailed inspection report and what to expect documentation will be emailed to you post attendance.

2B.0. Areas that are identified in the inspection report but not included in a Standard Possum Removal, but not limited to: 

Under house areas.  Valley or gutter lines.  Lead or synthetic flashing.  Rotting timbers. If the property has adjoining properties under the same roof 2B.1. To possum proof a building the entire roof needs to be included in the works carried out to be effective.  Any works that require third parties to repair. Sanitisation not included. Items that we have identified outside of the standard possum removal will be outlined in the report. We will then provide a quote for works needed to be carried out including time and materials required to possum proof your premises. If the items identified need a third party to carry out the work, you will also be advised accordingly. In some cases, a possum trap may need to be used in lieu of or in conjunction with a one-way door. 

2B.2. If a possum trap was used to remove/catch the possum from within the roof space the possum would then be released on the property the next day (no more than 150m by law under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974) and an additional $150.00 + GST would be charged per day of re-attendance until the possum is caught. Alternatively when a trap is used and set by Possum Piper the release can be done by the property owner for no additional cost. If you choose to release the possum yourself you agree to do so lawfully no more than 150m from property, Possum Piper will not be held responsible any fines incurred if these regulations are not followed.

Work carried out by Possum Piper has a warranty period of 12 months from the original day the work was carried out. If our work is breached by a possum within the 12 month period we will make the necessary repairs needed to ensure the breach is secured at no cost to the Client. If it is found to be a new entry point and/or it was noted in the report but work was not approved to be carried out, this will be treated as a new job. 

2B.3 These guarantees exclude items referring to any special conditions noted in the inspection report.
2B.4. If you or persons acting on your behalf, tamper with the works carried out or if you remove the temporary door yourself the warranty will become void and you may be liable for a replacement door if it is damaged or disposed of at the cost of $200.00. 

3.0 Dead Animal Carcass Removal (Excludes Inspection report)

Full search for up to one and a quarter hours.  80% of the time we are successful. Rats are harder to find than possums, but the fee is still applicable whether we find it or not. If instructed by you, we will cut holes in the ceiling or walls (e.g. gyprock) to remove the animal carcass. If this happens, Possum Piper is not responsible for the repairing of the holes cut and this will be handled by the property owner. Disposal of the animal carcass/s3.1. Includes up to 2 small animals on your property or in your roof space (Roadside carcasses are the council’s responsibility). 3.2. More than 2 or if they are in different areas e.g. garden and roof, this will incur additional cost at the discretion of the Technician.3.3. Large animals and/or located outside of the Sydney Metro area priced on application.3.4.Sanitisation not included.  

4.0 Standard Rat Control  (Includes Inspection)

Full inspection 6x Bait stations including 2 x baits per station laid in strategic positions around the perimeter of the building.4.1. Each additional bait station is charged at$55.00 +GSTDetailed inspection report, Rat Baiting Fact Sheet and Contrac Blox Safety documentation will be emailed to you post attendance.4.2.Rat proofing using materials to seal entry points is usually not feasible however if it is achievable we will advise pricing.

5.0 Maintenance Rat Control (Excludes Inspection)

Each bait station will be checked and replenished as needed. 5.1. each bait replaced is charged at$5.00+GST  

6.0 DIY Rat Maintenance 

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*Note. Each of the above services are independent of each other and will be invoiced as separate items.  

We do our utmost to prevent a possum dying in a roof space and ask that our Clients to work closely with us during the removal process and follow the procedures explained by our Technician post carrying out the work to ensure a successful exit of the possum/s.  

Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or would like clarification.