Got a Possum in the Roof?


Possums in the Roof

It’s time to evict these unwanted pests from your property.

Possum Piper have successfully relocated over 3000 possums across Sydney. We work together with homeowners, business owners, property managers and landlords to safely evict possums from the premise.

Whether you have a possum in the roof, building nests in your gutter, or even wreaking havoc inside the building – we have a tailored solution for you.

Possum In Roof

Safe and Humane Possum Removal

Possum In The Roof

Licensed by the The Office of Environment & Heritage, we only employ safe and humane methods for removing possums.

All steps are taken to ensure each possum is relocated to a safe habitat for them to thrive. In accordance with NSW Federal Law, each possum can only be relocated no more than 150m away from the property.

You get peace of mind knowing each possum is in good hands and safe from harm.

Our Process

At the first meeting, we complete a comprehensive 20-point possum inspection report. This report tells you how possums are entering, what we can do, and how much it’ll cost you.

Everything is clearly laid out to you before you agree to go ahead.

Every home, commercial and industrial building has different entry points and spots for pests to hide. We carefully assess the premise to find these hiding places and seal any possible entry points.

From there, we implement the following strategies:

Sealing The Entry Points Sealing the entry points

Instal one Way Door to Exit Possum Installation of a temporary one way door to allow possums to exit

Removal One-Way Door after Possums Exited Removal of the one-way door once the possums have exited

Tips And Advice To Stop Possum Professional tips and advice to stop the problem from coming back

Major and Minor Repairs

If you need any building, rooftop or gutter repairs, we can do this to stop possums from entering the premise. The team can also install gutter and valley guards to prevent possums and rodents long term from entering your roof space.

Roof Possum Removal
Possum Stopper

Our Guarantee to You

Our priority is to keep your property safe, hygienic, and free of possums disturbing your work or lifestyle.

To keep our customers happy, we provide a 12-month guarantee (subject to the 20PT inspection report) to ensure your property is a possum-free zone. If you follow our advice and still have possum problems, we can come back and re-evaluate the situation.

Property Manager Services

Possum Piper works together with property managers, tenants and landlords.

If your tenants have a possum in the roof or home and you need a cost-effective solution, the Possum Piper team can implement a fast and affordable system for you.

Advantages of Our Possum Removal

Safe Removal of All Possum Species Safe, efficient and humane removal of all possum species

Licensed And Insured Possum Removalists Fully licensed and insured possum removalists

Major And Minor Building Repairs Major and minor building repairs

Installation Of Gutter And Valley Guards Installation of gutter and valley guards

12 Month Guarantee 12 month guarantee (subject to conditions of 20 point inspection report)

Do you have possums in the roof or building?

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