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Rat and Mice Control | Long-Term Relief in Sydney

Possum Piper are experts in the control of rat activity for Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

We assess, plan, and carry out specific rat control systems to remove rodents from the premise. And provide ongoing treatment to stop the infestation from coming back.

Our fast and effective solutions have been proven to remove rodents from

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How Rodents Wreck Your Property

Rodents can wreak havoc on your property in many ways.

To keep their teeth from growing, they will gnaw on wires, telephone and data cables, timber structures and plants. Rats and mice transmit disease to humans by leaving behind faeces and urine, along with contaminating food that crosses their path.

Rodents love to explore new places. This means cracks, crevices and other concealed spots will entice their sense of adventure. Rodents are extremely agile and able to climb onto roofs quite easily. And they traverse along wires, cables and timber framing to access hard-to-reach places.

It’s no wonder so many people have trouble with rat removal!

Our Services

Possum Pipers has evicted over 2000 rodents from all kinds of buildings in Sydney.

We understand each property is different and take a tailored approach to eradicating rats and mice. The Possum Piper team safely remove rodents by:

Find Signs of Infestation Assessing the building to find signs of infestation and entry points

Setting Bait Stations Setting up bait stations in controlled hot spots

Treatment To Stop Infestation  Providing ongoing treatment to stop the infestation coming back

Offering Advice Effective DIY Treatment Offering advice for cheap and effective DIY treatment

Licensed and Professional

Don’t worry about having your lifestyle disrupted… or putting the health of your family or workers at risk.

All Sydney staff employ safe and environmentally rat removal systems. We use odourless treatments in concealed areas that are out of reach for pets and small children.

Rat Control & Exterminator

Real Estate Services

Are you a property manager or landlord with a rodent-infested property?

Possum Piper provides rodent removal services. Our team work together with clients to deliver a cost-effective solution – without disrupting the tenant’s enjoyment of the property.

For very little cost, you can keep your tenants happy and preserve the lasting value of your property.

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Why Choose Us for Rat Control in Sydney

Eco-friendly rat and nice control programs

Fully licensed and insured rat removal

Results generally in the first 10 days

Ongoing treatment to stop further infestations

 Guarantee (subject to adhering to maintenance program)

Rat Control Sydney

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