Possum Box Installation: Suitable Habitats

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Possum boxes are an effective and humane solution for managing possums on your property. These "nest" boxes are safe alternatives to internal roof cavities, resembling the natural tree hollows that possums typically inhabit. We'll explore various methods for creating and installing these possum boxes. 

Discover how to construct your own possum box or acquire a pre-made one that caters to the needs of local wildlife while safeguarding your property. We'll also delve into the strategic placement of these boxes to encourage possum relocation and to solve possums nesting in undesirable locations.

Lastly, we will touch upon ways in which we can appreciate the beauty of urban wildlife through fostering connections with these creatures while encouraging sustainable living practices and essential preventative measures such as trimming overhanging branches and blocking off potential entry points to keep future invasions at bay. 

By following our comprehensive guide on possum box implementation, you can effectively manage possums in an environmentally friendly manner.

By understanding coexistence better, we can create more vibrant communities where humans and wildlife thrive together.

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Table Of Contents:

What is the Purpose of a Possum Box?

Possum box is a specially designed nesting box that provides a safe and comfortable habitat for possums. These boxes mimic the natural tree hollows that possums typically inhabit in the wild, making them an ideal alternative for possums that have been displaced from their natural habitat due to urbanisation.

Possum boxes can be purchased from wildlife conservation organisations, professional possum removalists or made at home using materials like timber and plywood. When installing a possum box, it's important to place it in a location that is sheltered from the elements and at a height that is easily accessible for possums.

By providing possums with a suitable nesting alternative like a possum box, you can help promote their survival and reduce the likelihood of them seeking shelter in unwanted areas like your roof cavity.

Possum Box: How to Make One?

Possum box for DIY projects is an excellent option that not only helps protect these native marsupials but also provides them with a safe and comfortable home. To build one yourself, follow these simple steps:

How do you make a Brushtail possum box? 

  1. Gather materials such as untreated timber (approximately 12mm thick), galvanized screws or nails, and weatherproof paint.
  2. Cut the timber into appropriate sizes for the sides, top, bottom, back panel, and entrance hole of the box.
  3. Screw or nail together all pieces securely to form a sturdy structure.
  4. Create an entrance hole large enough for adult possums to enter comfortably (around 100-120mm diameter).
  5. Add ventilation holes near the top of each side panel to ensure proper airflow inside the box.
  6. Paint your finished product using weatherproof paint suitable for outdoor use; avoid toxic paints that could harm wildlife inhabitants.

How do you make a Ringtail possum box or drey?

  • 2 x wire hanging baskets with coconut fibre inserts (available at hardware stores).
  • Approximately 15 medium-sized cable ties.
  • Strong scissors.
  • Metal/wire cutters.
  1. Remove the chain from both wire baskets. Stack one basket on top of the other to form a sphere shape. Secure them together using cable ties at intervals of about 10cm.
  2. Use wire cutters to remove one of the cross sections to create an entry point.
  3. With scissors, cut the coconut fibre vertically on both sides to create the opening.
  4. Punch a hole in the flap or opening at the top corners, fold it upwards, and secure it with cable ties to the wire frame. Use multiple cable ties to ensure the fibre insert is securely attached to the top of the drey, preventing it from collapsing under the weight of the possums.
  5. Trim the ends of all the cable ties.
  6. Reattach one of the chains that was removed earlier at the join, allowing the basket to hang evenly.


Avoid making the opening too large, as possums may not feel safe and may not use the drey.

When situating the drey in a tree, ensure it is not exposed. Ringtail possums construct their dreys in the canopy and limbs of trees to hide from predators. Place the drey in a tree with shade, cover, and ample space for the animal to move around.

Avoid placing the drey in an isolated tree, as this may force the possum to come to the ground to move around.

Here are instructions on how to make Possum Boxes Bunnings

Possum Box: Deciding on Buying a Pre-Made One

Suppose you prefer purchasing a ready-to-use solution instead of constructing one yourself. In that case, pre-made possum boxes are available through various online retailers and Bunnings possum boxes are for sale

You can purchase possum boxes from Possum Piper, and we can also do the installation. When choosing a pre-made box, ensure it is made from untreated timber and has proper ventilation holes to provide the best possible home for your local possum population.

Possum box is an excellent alternative to tree hollows, which are becoming increasingly scarce due to land clearing and urbanisation. By providing a possum box, you are helping to ensure the survival of these important native animals, a vital part of our ecosystem.

Possum box is an effective and humane solution for possum relocation, but the success of this endeavour depends on proper installation and encouragement. With that in mind, it is important to consider the best location for your possum box and make current nesting spots unappealing with moth balls or quassia chips. Conversely, you can attract possums to their new home by placing foods where you installed the possum nesting box.

Where to Install a Possum Box

Possum box ideal location is on a tree or sturdy structure 4-6 meters above ground level, with good visibility and access for the animals. Ensure it's away from direct sunlight, strong winds, and potential predators like cats or birds of prey. Placing multiple possum boxes around your property can increase relocation success rates.

How to Attract Possums to a Possum Box

Possum box attractants like apples, bananas, or corn cobs as a lure and further encourage possum relocation into their designated home. Place these treats near the entrance hole of the box but not directly inside; this will allow them to discover and explore their new shelter on their own terms. 

In addition to using food as an incentive for relocation, you can also add some natural materials like leaves and twigs inside the box for bedding purposes. This will help create a more comfortable environment that imitates their natural habitat while encouraging them to move in permanently.

Possum box installation If positioned and installed correctly will encouraging possum relocation and is a great way to help protect your property from further infestations. Engaging a professional possum removal company like Possum Piper to possum-proof any entry points you may have in your home or building will force possums to seek shelter elsewhere which hopefully will be their new possum box. 

Preventing Future Possum Invasions

Possum box installation is the first step to take before successfully relocating resident possums from your roof cavity, it's essential to take preventive measures to ensure long-lasting protection against future invasions without causing harm to these native marsupials. These measures include:

  • trimming any overhanging branches
  • installing gutter guard &/or valley guard
  • install tree guard

Taking these measures can prevent possums from gaining access to your property roof and ensure they have a safe environment in their new possum box.

Trimming Overhanging Branches

Trim overhanging branches that act as bridge into your roof. Regularly inspect trees surrounding your home and trim any branches that come within a minimum 3.0 meters away from the building structure.

When trimming branches, always use proper safety equipment such as gloves, goggles, and harnesses if needed.

Consider hiring a professional arborists if you're unsure about how to trim tree limbs safely or large trees near power lines on your property..

Blocking Off Potential Entry Points

To prevent entry into unwanted spaces like roofs and wall cavities, it is best achieved by identifying potential entry points around the exterior of your home and on your roof. Possum-proofing any found entry points using durable materials such as metal flashings or snake-proof mesh. Some common areas where possums may enter include:

  • Roof vents.
  • Gaps in eaves and fascia boards.
  • Holes or cracks in walls.
  • Unsealed pipes and conduits leading into the building.

Sealing entry points effectively prevents possums from re-entering your home while still allowing them to thrive in their new possum box habitat. Remember, it's essential to ensure that you relocate possums successfully before sealing off any access points.

Note: Do not use chicken wire as it is ineffective because Possums will shred it with their claws. 


Installing Gutter Guard &/or Valley Guard

Possum box placement before installing roof gutter guard and valley guard is ideal as these guards if installed correctly act as a barrier, preventing rodents and possums from entering your roof via these areas.


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The Benefits of Coexisting with Possums

Possum box promotes peaceful coexistence between humans and your resident possum family and contributes towards preserving these unique animals.

Benefits for property owners who install possum box are:

  1. Ecosystem balance: Both brushtail and common ringtail possums play crucial roles in maintaining local ecosystems by dispersing seeds through their faeces or controlling insect populations through predation.
  2. Natural pest control: By hosting resident possums on your property, you may notice a decrease in garden pests such as snails or caterpillars since they form part of the natural diet of these marsupials.
  3. Education and appreciation: Observing possums in their natural habitat can foster a deeper understanding of urban wildlife and encourage sustainable living practices that benefit humans and animals alike.

Adopting a proactive approach towards coexisting with furry residents is not only beneficial for the environment but also offers numerous advantages to property owners. Providing suitable nesting locations or installing nest boxes can contribute towards preserving these unique creatures while enjoying the benefits they bring to our urban ecosystems.

Tips for Living Harmoniously with Possums

Brushtail and ringtail possums, continue to adapt to our cities. It is essential we learn how to coexist peacefully with these fascinating creatures. By taking a few simple precautions, you can ensure the well-being of both your possum neighbours and yourself.

Possum Box Frequently Asked Questions

What is a possum box?

Possum box is a purpose-built nesting structure replicating the natural tree hollows possums inhabit in the wild. It offers a secure and comfortable habitat, especially for those displaced by urbanization.

Do possum boxes work?

Possum box, also known as a nest box, is an artificial hollow that provides shelter for Possums and other wildlife. They are designed to replicate tree hollows, which possums often use.

Possum boxes can be quite beneficial regarding NPWS possum management policy. Not only do they provide suitable homes for these animals, but they also help control their population by providing designated spaces where they can live without causing disturbances in roof cavities or drain pipes.

What material is used for possum boxes?

Possum box is typically made from untreated wood (such as plywood) or wireframe baskets for a drey, due to their durability, insulation properties, and resistance against weather conditions. Both options provide adequate shelter while ensuring proper ventilation inside the box through small air gaps or vents.

What do you put inside a possum box?

If you would like to make the possum box more inviting, you can also add some natural materials like leaves and twigs inside the box for bedding purposes; if you come across the possum's nest in the roof, you can transfer this nest into the possum box, they will recognise their own smells and hopefully decide to use the new home.

How big should the hole be in a possum box?

Possum box entrance hole size depends on the species you're targeting; common brushtail possums require holes between 100-120mm in diameter, while common ringtail possums need smaller openings around 50-70mm wide. The hole should be large enough for easy entry but not too big that it exposes occupants to predators.

If you're interested in purchasing a possum box, contact Possum Piper to discuss the best options for your situation.

How much is a possum box?

Possum box cost will depend on if you are using materials you have already or any you purchase if you are making the possum box yourself. If you buy a ready-made one, these vary in price and could also include installation by a possum expert with knowledge of the best positions and can offer possum boxes for sale.

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Possum Box homes, either pre-made or constructed yourself, is an option to consider for humanely relocating the possums. Possums can be a nuisance for homeowners and businesses alike, but with the help of a possum box, these animals can be relocated humanely.

Installing the possum box in the right location and making other nesting spots unappealing will encourage possums to relocate. Additionally, trimming overhanging branches and blocking off potential entry points will prevent future invasions.

If you're dealing with troublesome possums on your property, consider investing in a possum box from Possum Piper. Our team specialises in safe and effective pest control solutions that won't harm animals or damage property. 

The possum box we supply is designed to mimic natural tree hollows. Our boxes are made from durable materials and are easy to install in any location.

Possums are known to seek shelter in tree hollows, but with the loss of natural habitats, they are turning to other options. We now find possums living in roofs and attics.

Providing nest boxes or possum boxes can help to provide a safe and secure alternative for these animals.

Don't let possums take over your property. Invest in a possum box today and help to protect these animals while keeping your property safe.

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