Possum Removalists: How to Choose the Right Expert

Possum removalist can assist you if you suspect a possum has taken residence in your space.

Dealing with Brushtail possums and Ringtail possums can be tricky; they're cute, but they cause chaos when invading your property. You might find noises in the roof or see half-eaten fruit scattered around your garden as signs of a possum problem.

Realising what you face is the initial move towards tackling this difficulty. 

But how do you ensure you won't stumble across someone making false promises who will take your money and disappear without solving your possum problems? 

In this blog, we will discuss what you need to know to confidently make an informed choice on how to choose possum removalists to suit your individual circumstances.

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Understand Your Possum Problem

Possum removalist are the best option for dealing with a possum issue in your roof but you should first identify if it is a potential possum issue by looking for some tell-tale signs.

The main giveaway to confirm you need the assistance of Possum Removalists is nocturnal noises. Listen for loud scratching, thumping, or scampering sounds in attics, ceilings, or roof spaces between dusk and 11 pm, and again from 3 am to dawn.

You may also come across possum droppings, which are typically cylindrical in shape. These can be found in roof cavities, along their usual pathways on fences and powerlines, or in your garden.

Visible marks and debris around entry point are also clear signs possums are entering buildings or roof spaces.

Now that you have some concrete evidence to support your concerns, it's time to reach out to engage a Possum Removalists.


Possum Removalists: Researching for the Right One

When faced with a possum problem, you must research your local possum removalists. Look for those experienced in dealing with your specific issue. Not only should you consider who can effectively remove the possum, but also how they go about doing it.

You'll want a possum removal service that respects animal welfare and uses humane methods for possum removal. Their approach should be not only about making the problem disappear but rather finding a solution that will avoid future possum issues. 

Remember to check online reviews as well. These give insights into others' experiences and can help inform your decision-making process.


Check Credentials

Possum Removalists must be licensed and insured. It is also beneficial for them to be qualified building inspectors, builders and or roofers.

Don't rely solely on their claims; verify them. Do a bit of digging yourself. Possum removalists trapping possums in Australia must have a current Possum Catch and Release Licence issued by national parks and wildlife in each state or territory.

Possum removalists with the right licence ensures the ethical handling of wildlife and compliance to local laws and safe practices, including relocation restrictions during the removal removal process.


Ask for References

Possum Removalists vary in their capabilities. Ask for references from previous customers or look for online reviews. This will give you an idea of their experience with the removalist and help you assess their work ethic, reliability, and effectiveness. 

Just like checking reviews before dining at a restaurant, obtaining references is crucial in making an informed decision.

By listening to previous customers, you may encounter stories of prompt and efficient action, resulting in possum-free properties. On the other hand, you may also hear about unresolved infestations or unsatisfactory experiences. 

These firsthand accounts will provide valuable insights to guide your choice towards a removalist that offers quality service.

Consider Cost

Possum Removalists cost vary, it's crucial to compare quotes. This doesn't just mean picking the cheapest option. For optimal value, it is important to assess the services offered and their associated costs in order to make an informed decision.

When comparing quotes, it is a good idea to compare similar service inclusions. There are vast variations within the industry from someone providing just possum trapping to a full service including possum removal, possum proofing and guarantees on works carried out. 

Different services might include trapping and relocating possums, repairing the damage they've caused, or preventative measures against future infestations. 

Varying sums may be charged depending on the intricacy of the task and proficiency level of the possum remover.


Discuss Safety Measures

Possum removalist safety is a priority when removing possums. Possum Piper uses safety methods which protect both humans and animals.

Possums are are wild animals and will defend themselves if needed so ensure your possum removalist has the right equipment, like gloves and traps if needed. This minimises contact with these animals and ensures no nasty scratches or bites. 

Steep roofs may require a harness. It would pay to check their working at heights qualifications.

Review Contract Terms

Before you sign any agreement with a possum removalist, it is important to review all contract terms carefully to guarantee that you comprehend the scope of services and any related charges.

You don't want any surprises when it comes to the costs or methods used for removing those pesky possums from your property. 

Follow Up After Service

Once the possums have been removed, keep a watchful eye out for any potential return of the possums. Listen for unusual noises in your roof or walls at night - this could indicate a returning possum problem.

If you spot anything amiss, get in touch with your removalist immediately. A good service provider will respond quickly to fix any issues that arise after their initial visit.

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Possum Removalist Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to get rid of a possum?

Possum removalist is your quickest option. They use professional techniques and tools to remove possums safely and permanently. In some instances, you can request an emergency possum removal service if the possum is trapped in the roof. 

Can you call someone to get rid of possums?

Yes, is the short answer but make sure you research who you choose to avoid scammers giving you false information and promises.

What is the best way to transport a possum?

You can not transport a possum unless it is injured for vet treatment. In this instance, the possum removalist can handle the situation or call a local wildlife rescue organisation to attend. Bear in mind if it leaves it will be released back onto your property.

How much does it cost for Possum Removal Specialists?

Possum removalists treatment costs vary. Factors include infestation size, location, access difficulty, and repeat visits needed.

Can you relocate Possums Australia?

In Australia, relocation rules state that you can only relocate a possum 25-150m maximum from the capture location, depending on the state you are in.

Do Pest Control Services Remove Possums?

Pest control services may say they remove possums, but in reality, they are not possum specialists; they only offer possum trapping services.

You need to engage in professional possum removalist services with experienced technicians or possum catchers. They will possum proof potential entry points, including the main access point on your building and provide effective solutions using a humane possum removal technique that will prevent possums from causing future possum infestation.



Possum removalists services are not just about how much it will cost. It's about peace of mind. Remember to start by understanding your unique possum problem and researching potential experts.

Don't forget to check their credentials and ask for references - you're entrusting them with your home, after all! Verify they are capable.

The nitty-gritty matters, too: discuss safety measures, review contract terms carefully, and make sure they are transparent with what needs to be done before you agree. You don’t want any surprises!

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