Possum Trap: Essential Do’s and Don’ts for Success

Possum Trap removal techniques are available for property owners with possums in their roofs either trapped or wanting immediate resolution post-possum proofing.

In this article we will discuss the various types of traps available and how to set them up effectively with appropriate possum lure. Next, we'll explore the benefits of using a possum trap - including humane removal methods and if it actually prevents damage to property.

Safety considerations are crucial when handling any wildlife management too; thus, our discussion will include protective gear recommendations and proper location selection for your trap setup.

Lastly, we'll address common issues that may arise during the trapping process and provide possum trapping tips to ensure success in capturing those pesky possums.

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Table Of Contents:

Possum Trap Basics

Possum traps are an option for homeowners and businesses to consider when dealing with troublesome possums within their properties. Knowing the fundamentals of these traps can be useful in determining if this is the best course of action to take in dealing with a possum issue in your building.

However, simply trapping a brushtail possum or ringtail possum without locating and possum-proofing the entry points will not prevent their return.

Before attempting possum trapping, make sure to review local regulations regarding trapping wildlife. Hiring a professional possum removal company will provide the best results in addressing a possum infestation while following compliance regulations.

In most cases, professional possum removal specialists will use one-way doors over a possum trap to allow possums to exit a building after possum-proofing work is carried out.

Legal Requirements per State

Possum trap use in Australia for the common brushtail possum and common ringtail possum requires a Possum Catch & Release Licence by law. The various state government bodies throughout Australia issue these licences.

Click on the state you live in for more information about the law on how to remove possums legally :

NSW , VIC , SA , QLD , WA , TAS , ACT and the NT

Possum Trap: Understanding the Different Types

There are several types of possum traps available on the market,:

  • Cage Traps: Also known as animal trap these metal cages have a trigger mechanism that closes a door behind the possum once it enters to eat the lure placed inside. Cage traps come in various sizes suitable for different species.
  • One-way Doors: Possum removal specialists typically prefer using one-way doors to ensure that possums are evicted from a building after possum proofing is completed. Although safe trapping techniques are sometimes used to catch and release possums, one-way doors are considered the most humane way of removing possums from a building.
  • Lethal Traps (Illegal): Lethal traps are not permitted for use in Australia as possums are a protected species. It is illegal to harm or injure possums or to relocate them more than 25-150m away from their original location according to Australian law.

How to Set a Possum Trap

The best practice for setting up a cage trap effectively to eliminate possum noises in the roof, among other annoyances, is to follow these steps:

  1. Select an appropriate location near signs of possum activity, such as close to the manhole in your roof space.
  2. Place a lure inside the cage e.g. an apple tied to the back of the cage and set the trigger mechanism (trigger plate) according to manufacturer instructions. Ensure that any safety features are engaged while setting up.
  3. Monitor the trap regularly for captured possums, and remove them promptly following local regulations (they must always be released in the dark only and within 25 - 150m of where they are trapped subject to the state-based requirement rules stated on your possum catch and release licence.

Possum Trap Lures

The right bait for trapping possums can significantly increase your chances of capturing a possum in your trap. The most effective options are fruits such as apples, pears, or grapes - Possums love sweet foods!

In addition to selecting appropriate lures, ensure that you use fresh ingredients and replace them daily so as not to become spoiled or lose their scent.

By understanding the basics of possum traps, you can effectively and humanely remove any unwanted possums from your home or building however, simply trapping possums without locating and possum-proofing the entry point will not prevent their return.

Before attempting trapping, make sure to review local regulations regarding trapping wildlife.

Hiring a professional possum removal company will provide the best results in addressing a possum infestation and complying with local regulations; in most cases, professional possum removal specialists will use one-way doors over using a possum trap to allow possums to exit a building post possum proofing on their own terms

Possum Trap: What are the Benefits?

Using possum traps for the successful removal and control of possums on your property is commonly thought to be an effective method, but it actually has some disadvantages.

The law states that possums cannot be released more than 25-150m from where they were trapped, which means that they will likely return and the possum issue won't be resolved and so called proven deterrents and repellents are also ineffective.

If the possum is in your home or building, then you should seek advice from a professional possum removal company on how to get rid of possums permanently and the type of possum removal service they offer.

Possum removal professionals will Identify what the possum activity is and provide you with a comprehensive inspection report outlining expert advice on prevention strategies.

Suggestions will include possum-proofing your building first before removing any possum by either a possum trap or a one-way door. This will save you money in the long run by avoiding future infestations.

Humane Removal

Using a possum trap iis not the most humane way of removing a possum. Injuring or harming a possum is illegal as possums are a protected species in Australia. Using a one-way door for this job is much more humane and natural without direct intervention from humans.

Prevention of Damage to Property

Possums are known for causing damage when they reside on your property - from spreading possum poo to raiding garbage cans and vege patches to nesting in roofs or crawlspaces where they may chew through electrical wires or insulation materials.

By employing an effective possum-proofing solution for your home or building, you can prevent further damage while ensuring their safe relocation away from your home or business premises. It pays to note you will not be able to stop them from hanging around any areas externally to your buildings.

Possum box installation is also another method in keeping possums from getting into your home or building. Providing a home for our native possums will ensure they can thrive and co-exist harmoniously in urban areas now that land clearing has forced them to adapt to living near humans.

Installing roof gutter guard and roof valley guards can also act as a barrier, preventing rodents and possums from entering your roof via the gutter and valley lines and accessing your ceiling space.

Installing a tree guard can also be effective by securing them on trees around your property that may be allowing possums to gain access to your roof

Possum Trap: Exploring the Safety Considerations

When setting and using a possum trap, various safety precautions must be taken into account to ensure the well-being of both yourself and the animal being trapped.

Protective Gear and Clothing

To ensure your personal safety while handling traps, it's crucial to wear appropriate protective gear and clothing.

Gloves are highly recommended as they protect your hands from scratches or bites in case of an accidental encounter with the possum or other animals attracted to the bait.

Wearing long sleeves, pants, and closed-toe shoes can also help prevent injuries during trapping activities.

Release of Trapped Possums

When you successfully capture a possum, it's crucial to follow local regulations as set out in your possum catch and release licence regarding where they can be released. These laws vary depending on the rules in each state.

When releasing or transferring a trapped possum, always approach with caution and wear protective gear such as gloves. Ensure that you open the trap away from your body in case of sudden movements by the animal.

Possums must be released after sunset and near the base of a tree, giving them the least stressful release scenario for all involved.

To avoid trapping non-target animals, so be sure to follow trapping guidelines.

Alternatively, you might need to contact a licensed possum removal professional who can safely handle and relocate the animal.

It is important to take all safety considerations into account when using a possum trap to ensure the humane and safe removal of these animals.

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Why is my Possum Trap not Working?

Despite following the best practices for setting up a possum trap, you may still encounter some issues that prevent successful trapping.

Poorly Set Traps

A poorly set trap can result in missed catches or even injury to the animal. To avoid these issues, ensure that you follow the manufacturer's instructions when assembling and setting up your possum trap.

Key points include:

  • Make sure all components are properly connected and secured.
  • Test the trigger mechanism before placing it.
  • Placing traps on a flat surface prevents wobbling or tipping over during capture.

Unattractive Lure Selection

The choice of lure plays an essential role in attracting possums into your traps. If they're not interested in what's inside, they won't enter the cage. Similarly, if there are still entry point and exit points in your home or building, it will be unlikely you will trap a possum.

Some tried-and-tested lures for luring possums are fruits like apples or pears. Tantalizing treats such as marshmallows or peanut butter may also be a great way to lure them into a trap.

If one type of possum trap bait isn't working, try switching it out for another option until you find something that attracts them more effectively.

Troubleshooting common issues with possum traps is essential for successful removal efforts. By addressing problems related to poorly set traps, unattractive bait selection, and inadequate protection from predators, you'll be well on your way to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for humans and wildlife.

Possum Trap Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best possum trap in Australia?

The best, most effective and humane device for possum removal is a one-way door system. Provided they are part of a possum-proofing regime, however if you still feel the need to purchase a trap search for possum traps online. Do not search for bunnings possum trap as bunnings do no sell possum traps.

Is it illegal to trap possums in Australia?

It is illegal to trap a possum unless you have a Catch and Release licence; you can also have someone with a licence, such as a possum removal company, remove the possums on your behalf.

Where is the best place to put a possum trap?

Locate the possum trap near signs of possum activity, such as close to the manhole in your roof space; this will also mean it's easy for you to access for checking, rebaiting and removing the trap once the possum is caught.

Are possum traps effective?

Yes, however, possum traps are only effective for capturing and removing possums from your home or building if the existing entry and exit points have been found and possum-proofed.

Simply trapping possums without locating and possum-proofing the entry points will not prevent their return. Make sure to review local regulations regarding trapping wildlife.

Hiring a professional possum removal company will provide the best results in addressing a possum infestation. In most cases, professional possum removal specialists will use one-way doors over a possum trap to allow possums to exit a building post possum-proofing being carried out.

What Is the best bait to put in a trap to catch a possum?

The best bait for possum trap which is also known as a lure or possum bait are fruits such as apples or pears. Additionally, you can try marshmallows for catching possums as they have a strong scent that attracts possums.


Possum trap to remove possums from your home or building in conjunction with effective possum-proofing can be an effective way to evict a possum however a possum one way door is the most humane and effective method. It is worth noting that there are o ne way possum door Bunnings offers floating around on the internet however Bunnings do not sell a possum one way door.

If you're dealing with a possum problem on your property, consider choosing the right experts that provide a professional service for safe and efficient removal. An experienced team will use only the most humane methods to relocate possums without harm.

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