Tree Guard: The Essential Guide

Tree Guard can keep possums from wreaking havoc on and in your trees.

The beauty of tree guards is that they're not just effective; they're also simple to install and require minimal upkeep. 

It's not just about protecting a single tree but safeguarding our natural world for the future. So why wouldn’t we give them all the help they need?

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Table Of Contents:

Tree Guard: What is It?

Tree Guard is a protective barrier usually made from quality products, high-grade, UV stabilised, and tough 1mm thick polycarbonate sheet built for the Australian climate. It stops possums from getting traction on the trunk, which offers the tree the chance to grow to their full potential without possums defoliating trees and eating buds inhibiting growth.


Possum tree guards serves one main purpose: to keep those troublesome possums away. They're not only effective but also simple to install and maintain over time and can resolve your possum problem.

Benefits of Tree Guard

Tree Guard offers effective tree protection against possum attacks. Possums pose a significant threat to trees by over-grazing, causing damage and shortening their lifespan

Tree guards, additionally, stops the possum's ability to use branches as bridges, allowing them to access the roof space/ roof cavity, resulting in damage to your property and irritating noises while you try to sleep.

Tree Guard: How Does it Work?

The primary function of a Tree Guard is to serve as a shield, deterring possums from accessing the tree.

By wrapping tree guard surrounds around the tree trunk, you create a smooth surface that stops these furry invaders from gaining traction. The best part? No harm comes to our ringtail possum and brushtail possum pals – they can't climb past it, and safely slip to the ground.

This makes possum tree guards not only effective but also animal-friendly - a win-win situation indeed.


Installation of Tree Guard

Tree Guard installation is simpler than you might think.

  1. Measure the trunk circumference at the height you wish to place the possum guard. Allow at least 1500 mm high above the ground, and allow for a 100 mm width overlap.
  2. Unroll and measure the guard to the required length. Cut the guard at the required length.
  3. Wrap the guard around the tree which may also require some tree pruning of unwanted branches. Use tape to secure the guard at the desired height.
  4. Screw the Tree Guard onto the trunk or use a specifically designed joiner..

Maintenance of Tree Guard

Tree Guard, also known as tree guard sleeves  or tree protection sleeve is low maintenance but does need some care to last for years. Regular checks ensure they're secure and functioning properly.

Damaged guards can let possums through, so replace them as needed. Also, make sure the tree isn't outgrowing its guard; it could harm the tree's health if it is too tight.

Cleaning is easy: a quick wipe down with a damp cloth removes any dirt or debris. This simple routine keeps your tree guard in top condition, protecting your trees from possums effectively.

Where to Buy Tree Guard

If you're in the market for possum guard, you can buy kits with all you need here . Alternatively, you can contact Possum Piper to install the tree guard for you.

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Tree Guard: What are the Costs?

The price of putting in tree guards will depend on the type and size you select, and whether you diy possum tree guard or hire an installer, make sure when pricing you don't purchase anything that a possum could get a grip on or tear down, such as corflute tree guard ,corflute sheet, pp corflute tree guard, corrugated plastic tree guard, mesh tree guard or any other related products that possums could potentially grip onto.

However, it's important to remember that the value of tree guards goes beyond monetary considerations. They provide long-term protection against possum damage, safeguarding your trees and preserving your green assets. So, while there may be an initial investment, think of it as insurance for the future.

Tree Guard Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Kind of Tree Guard?

Tree guard types depends on your specific needs. Plastic tree guards are often favoured for their durability and long-lasting protection. Make sure any tree guard you use causes a smooth surface to prevent possums from being able to grip.

Does Tree Guard Work?

Tree Guard is an effective and economical way to protect your trees from possum damage. Installation is simple and they give lasting protection.

Tree Guard unlike other methods offer a more practical solution because they create a physical barrier around the tree that possums can't breach. This prevents them from causing destruction or eating away at the foliage.

Tree guard is durable, requiring minimal maintenance over time. They're built to last for years while offering you peace of mind, knowing your trees are safe.

We would also recommend talking to a possum removal specialist about possum proofing in conjunction with possum guard as a comprehensive solution.

What does a Tree Guard do?

Tree guard serves as a barrier that prevents pests like the common ringtail possum and common brushtail possum from accessing and damaging trees.

How long should you leave tree guards on for?

Tree guard can remain in-situ until they no longer fit around the growing trunk. Typically, this takes about 2-5 years.

Do cardboard possum tree guards work?

Tree guards made from cardboard can help protect young trees from minor damage but do not offer protection against larger pests or harsh weather conditions like other more robust materials.


Tree Guard installation for your trees  and some types of fruit trees is simpler than you might think.

It's not just a barrier to stop possums climbing you tree but it's also a practical solution to ensure your trees can flourish. A bit of time and minimal effort can save your green spaces from destruction.

Don't even think about a possum deterrent or a possum repellent that you see on the market as they simply do not work and general pest control companies are just as useless at being able to resolve possum issues.

Protecting our environment starts in our backyards. Make the smart choice today by installing a tree guard around your trees – because they deserve all the help we can give them!

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