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DIY Rat Bait Station Kit

DIY Rat Bait Station Kit

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Product Description

The Protecta Shield Rat Bait Stations are the latest in the range of professional rodent bait stations from Bell Laboratories. The Shield is designed to be a hard working and efficient bait station.
Ideal for use in both domestic and commercial premises.

When bait stations are used correctly they will resolve any rat issue within your building from the footing to the roof.

Following the guide lines below on where to place them and how many bait stations are need will ensure you get the right tailored DIY rat control solution for your property. Not only will it resolve your issue but it will also be cheaper and superior than your local pest controller or off the shelf products from your local hardware.


  • FREE Shipping to anywhere in Australia & delivered to your door

  • Contains 2 x pre-loaded commercial grade rat bait blocks. READY TO USE

  • Lockable and tamper resistant making it safer for children and pets

  • Rounded interior walls for easy clean-up.

  • Locking bait rods secure bait to avoid bait spillage during clean out.

  • Compact size for versatile station placement.

  • Heavy duty plastic polymer construction to withstand extreme temperatures.

  • Installation and maintenance instructions

How Many Bait Stations Do I Need?

The number of bait stations required to place around your home will depend on the size and configuration of your home. You will need approx 1 bait station/30m2. 

To calculate the right Bait Station Kit for your property simply go to the free calculator toolenter your address, click or use your finger to draw an outline around the outside walls of your building, then click the "calculate" button.

Where Do I Place The Bait Stations?

Once your kit has been delivered to your door take the bait stations out and place the bait stations evenly in distance around the area where you want to control the rodent activity e.g. around your house/workplace etc. The distance apart doesn’t need to be super accurate but try to place them at as an even distance a possible.

Best practice is to mount them onto the house or garden walls to prevent leaf matter or snails clogging them up. If you do this keep them approx. 50mm of the ground. (recommended)

Refer to the product image for some examples on how and where to place the bait stations around your home/workplace walls.




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